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Self-Insured—most efficient option!

Select Solutions offers various program options for our customized plan designs.  Self-insuring provides the opportunity to maximize cost containment through our diligent claims monitoring system.  You only pay the discounted price for the prescriptions used by your members along with a minimal administrative fee.

Aggregate Stop Loss Reinsurance-

While maintaining the efficiency of a self-insured program, for a small premium you can purchase stop loss reinsurance; thereby, placing a cap to your employees claims exposure.  You then have peace of mind and the ability to budge effectively for your anticipated prescription costs.

Guaranteed Fixed Rate

For our clients who prefer fixed monthly rates, Select Solutions offers our Guaranteed Stop Loss Program.  This option is a blend of self insured and fully insured.  While providing the stability of a fully insured, this program has the additional benefit of the flexibility of a self insured.  You will have fixed monthly rate and not be liable for claims in excess of that amount.  At the same time, you receive the benefit of Select Solutions superior plan administration.

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